Today we celebrate 80 years from when The disabled War Veteran´s association of Finland was established.

The Disabled War Veterans’ Association of Finland was established on 18 August 1940 as a joint voluntary association for the care and fraternal support of disabled war veterans. Of the approximately 95,000 war veterans who were permanently disabled in our wars of 1939-1945, about 1 000 are still alive today and their average age is 96+ years . The Association also takes care of disabled war veterans’ spouses and widows. The ranks of disabled war veterans will thin out significantly in the years immediately ahead. The annual death rate is 15-20%.

In Sweden there are still about 40 disabled war veterans from the wars of 1939-1945 (Winter war, War of continuation and Lapland war). They who today live in Sweden are mainly from Finland, but also Swedish and Estonian volunteer corps.

Extract from honorary president, field marshal Mannerheim, of disabled war veteran´s association of Finlands speech at the day of establishment.

“As with society as a whole, the most important thing for each of you now is to begin rebuilding your life, which for
each of you has become difficult, for many, perhaps right up to its foundations, changed due to severe bodily injuries.

Know, however, that within you, within you, resides the power that will help you move forward, that without strong
will and effort on your part, you will not be able to succeed even with the help of even great outside help”